Fugue Release Notes for 2018.06.15

Versions and AMI

Conductor AMIs

  • us-gov-west-1: ami-2c6cfd4d
  • us-east-2: ami-4c784629
  • us-west-2: ami-6f460717
  • us-east-1: ami-7c611803
  • eu-west-1: ami-8e9898f7

Client Tools

Linux and macOS Versions

  • Client Package version: 0.59.0-4118
  • Fugue CLI Version: 1.35.1-5816-fb995b7ee263b39f8f848e70daa9bfdaccbf99c2
  • VARS Version: 6.18.0-3867-abe5b2eb55244f0750a4fdaadf5071ba1365d496
  • LWDoc Version: 0.53.1
  • LWC Version: 0.53.1
  • Transcriber Version: 1.7.0-1311-e0cbef13f9261eaa63148ca534e3dfde2b3a3d14
  • Composer Version: 0.7.3-1633

Windows Versions

  • Client Package Version:
  • Fugue CLI Version:
  • VARS Version:
  • LWDoc Version: 0.53.1-1366
  • LWC Version: 0.53.1-1366
  • Transcriber Version:
  • Composer Version: 0.7.3-159

New Platform Features

  • The Fugue Conductor can now be configured to connect to AWS via an HTTP CONNECT proxy. For example, you can use Squid to proxy all of the Conductor's connections. You can learn more here.
  • The Fugue Conductor can now be configured to run in an already-existing VPC and not connect to AWS through an Elastic IP.
  • Fugue RBAC now supports a form of delegation through the new do-as feature. One RBAC user can act on behalf of another for particular operations. This makes it easy to invoke Fugue from external automation while still maintaining an audit log of who is responsible for a change. See an overview here and an example here for more information.
  • RBAC users now have a UUID that uniquely identifies the user. You can see the unique user ID by doing fugue policy list-users --json.
  • The FUGUE_LWC_OPTIONS env variable is no longer required to pass LWC options through the fugue CLI.
  • Lots of bug fixes in the Conductor, the CLI, and lwc.