Release Notes for Fugue 1.7

Chris Suen


New Features

  • Users can now write IAM policies in Ludwig with Fugue's Typed IAM library. This enables users to write validations on IAM policies and provides for error checking at design-time.
  • Fugue now supports DynamoDB's `TimeToLive` attribute, which allows a user to define when items in a table expire so they can be automatically deleted from the database.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Conductor reflector metrics are now reported in CloudWatch by AWS service type (e.g., reflector-descriptor-ec2, reflector-descriptor-iam).
  • When a user runs a `fugue runtime set` or `fugue runtime unset` command, the Conductor will lockout additional commands for 90 seconds to prevent performance issues.
  • Ludwig now supports implicit conversions, which allows values of a certain type to be used whenever a function expects a value of a different type.
  • Fixed an issue where AWS account names with multibyte characters caused the Conductor to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where AWS account names that contain dashes were only shown up to the first dash.
  • Fixed an issue where `fugue upgrade` did not work on a Conductor with more than 50 KMS keys.
  • Fixed an issue where `fugue upgrade` unintentionally created a new security group.
  • Fixed an issue where plan notifications contained secrets information.
  • Various improvements and bugfixes for Transcriber functionality.

Known Issues

  • Running a `fugue update` command on a composition that contains a typed IAM policy can result in a MapperFailedException error. A workaround is available in our documentation.

Versions and AMIs

Conductor AMIs (Team)

  • us-east-1: ami-055ff0368aa4868f8
  • us-east-2: ami-0bb16a76be7217b4e
  • us-west-2: ami-032fed10800e75b60
  • eu-west-1: ami-002e7b0aee3a6863c
  • us-gov-west-1: ami-4ddf412c

Conductor AMIs (Basic)

  • us-east-1: 0e6556aef4bbb2c1d
  • us-east-2: ami-012eb41ed4fc1697f
  • us-west-2: ami-0267d1ccaf000b789
  • eu-west-1: ami-08e5f640b81fec71c
  • us-gov-west-1: ami-47970926

Client Tools

Linux and macOS Versions

  • Client Package version: 0.63.9-573
  • Fugue CLI Version: 1.38.0-6108
  • VARS Version: 6.21.0-3988
  • LWDoc Version: 0.54.2-4106
  • LWC Version: 0.54.2-4106
  • Transcriber Version: 1.8.1-1416
  • Composer Version: 0.7.14-1755

Windows Versions

  • Client Package Version:
  • Fugue CLI Version:
  • VARS Version:
  • LWDoc Version: 0.54.2-1393
  • LWC Version: 0.54.2-1393
  • Transcriber Version:
  • Composer Version: 0.7.14-246